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Your gift matters.

At Northstar, we know the importance of using every tool in our toolbelt to help students learn and grow. Such as using a pool noodle to skip rope!

Vivienne was struggling to jump rope. Her P.E. teacher used some quick thinking to make sure Vivienne could participate and feel included. She threaded the rope through a pool noodle to make it more visible and robust. This makeshift adaptive tech was the perfect way for Vivienne to practice skipping rope right alongside her classmates!

Today we ask you to give and become a champion of Northstar students. Your contribution to the Annual Fund bridges the gap between tuition and what it actually costs to educate each student.

You pave the way for students with disabilities to become successful, independent learners. Your spirit of generosity has a profound impact on each and every Northstar student, teacher, and family.

Every gift matters to make a positive change in our community. Thank you for helping students with disabilities thrive.

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