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At Northstar, there is no such thing as a “typical student” — and we embrace this fact. We accept students with a wide range of disabilities who face academic, physical, or social challenges. Northstar students are from around the Central Virginia area and face different barriers, but with specialized instruction, students with all abilities thrive.

We accept students whose academic challenges or social frustrations have resulted in the need for additional support. We do not enroll students with persistent or severe behavior difficulties stemming primarily from psychological or emotional disorders. If you have questions about whether your student is a good fit for Northstar, please contact us.

The Admissions Process

Step 1: Inquiry

When a family, legal guardian or county school representative expresses interest in Northstar, we schedule an appointment for a discussion and tour.

Step 2: Discussion & Tour

Families interview and tour the Northstar campus, meet the faculty and administration, and fill out the online admissions application, if applicable.

Step 3: Observation

To help ensure a mutually beneficial admission, upon completion of the admissions application and documentation review, prospective students will shadow a current student through multiple days of instruction. This helps ensure that the student, the family, and the instructors agree that Northstar is a mutually beneficial placement.

Step 4: Consideration & Decision

The Admissions Committee reviews the student’s application, documentation, and staff recommendations to determine if Northstar is the right fit for the student and the family.

Step 5: Enrollment

The Admissions Committee communicates a decision to the prospective family. If accepted, we discuss the student’s enrollment details and set a date for admission. At this time, the family may apply for a scholarship.

Application Deadline

Northstar’s rolling admissions policy allows students to join our school at any time during the school year, space permitting. If you think we could unlock your student’s greatest potential and confidence, contact us today to schedule your initial meeting!

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