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Would you like to organize and stock supplies?

Would you like to be the go-to person to help in a retail environment or a warehouse? Students spend the bulk of their learning time at real job sites learning the key components of retail and warehouse environments.

The building blocks for a successful career.

Along the way students try, assess, and evaluate what assistive technologies best help them with work-flow management and gain efficiency and independence. Students may also take these credentials, to help stand out in the marketplace.

  • National Career Readiness Certificate (CRC)
  • Conover® Work Readiness – Job Readiness
  • Conover® Work Readiness – Job Seeking Conover® Work Readiness – Job Keeping
  • Skills USA Employability
  • Skills USA Customer Service

Successful students are ready to enter the workforce when they are effectively problem-solving, working independently and creating/utilizing accommodations independently.

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