We're more than a school.

Northstar Academy has the feel of a traditional school setting, with extracurriculars and changing classes. This is because our students want a school experience just like their peers. But inside the classroom, our educators utilize innovative, data-driven educational approaches.

Junior and senior students standing outside dance students dressed in formal wear.
High school science students walking outside getting ready to set a fishing trap in pond.

To ensure each student is challenged within their ability, Northstar Academy practices differentiated instruction and project-based learning:

  • In differentiated instruction, educators tailor their instruction to each student’s unique learning style, abilities and goals.
  • In project-based learning, students gain a deep understanding of course material by applying it to real-world scenarios.

We do this because students benefit from learning from each other’s strengths. When students of different abilities collaborate, natural leaders emerge and students stretch each other beyond their comfort zones.

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Small Class Sizes

Northstar Academy serves approximately 95-105 K-12 students annually. Northstar students benefit from small class sizes with compassionate educators who ensure students receive the personalized education that helps them grow.
8:1 Student:Teacher ratio in Lower School, Middle, and Upper School

With a small student population and small class sizes, students really get to know each other and form meaningful friendships.

Specialized Reading and Math Instruction

Northstar faculty are trained in the strategies of Lindamood-Bell©.

The specialized reading instruction course is a multi-sensory approach to language that can help students gain significant strides in reading abilities.

For students with dyslexia and other barriers to reading, our specialized reading instruction is designed to help students overcome these challenges.

For students who lack the foundational concepts of math, the specialized math instruction course can help visualize the language of math, making it accessible as the course grows language comprehension.

Customized Social Skills Instruction

Northstar Academy, in collaboration with UVA Child Development and Kluge Rehabilitation Center, developed a proprietary social skills curriculum. Each day in Advisory Class, along with reinforcement throughout the day, students grow their executive function skills, self-regulation abilities and metacognitive (thought awareness, planning, and goal setting) abilities. Additionally, Northstar continuously develops innovative approaches to ensure our students achieve their goals. Since our students have a wide range of disabilities, there is no one way to help students overcome their challenges. They benefit from tailored approaches.

STEAM-focused Curriculum

All across America, STEAM coursework helps ensure students have bright futures. For students to be competitive in post-secondary or employment opportunities, Northstar students are challenged with courses as rigorous as Coding, Physics or Calculus, but every student at Northstar feels challenged within their abilities.

Northstar students work hard to accomplish ambitious goals, earning an Advanced Diploma, Standard Diploma or an Applied Studies Diploma. Northstar students can vary widely in their abilities, but what Northstar students have in common, is that they support each other as they work through their unique challenges and celebrate successes. And their passion is contagious!

Students at Northstar Academy can work hard to learn grade-appropriate technology, coding and robotics.

"I was told my child wouldn’t learn to read or do math. We’d be lucky if he could count money. And he’s reading now and he’s doing multiplication. And my future for him isn’t as scary any more."

- A Northstar Parent