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Do you like working with computers?

Students start their Business Technology courses in a laboratory-style classroom that feels like a real office space. In this setting, you learn Microsoft Office, troubleshooting PC issues and professional behavior. Then, as you grow, you will transfer your skills to actual environments.

Bringing the classroom to life.

Along the way students try, assess and evaluate what assistive technologies best help them with work-flow management to gain efficiency and independence. Students may also take the following credentials to help them stand out while job hunting:

  • Google Cloud Certification in G Suite
  • A+ Certificate assessments
  • National Career Readiness Certificate (CRC)
  • Conover® Work Readiness – Job Readiness
  • Conover® Work Readiness – Job Seeking Conover® Work Readiness – Job Keeping
  • Skills USA Employability
  • Skills USA Customer Service

Successful students are ready to enter the workforce when they are effectively problem-solving, working independently and creating/utilizing accommodations independently.