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Start with a strong foundation.

The Lower School curriculum and experience is designed to build a strong foundation for future learning and success.

The Lower School is dedicated to the belief that each student is an important individual created with special gifts and abilities. The beginning years of education should mold a student’s academic, social, and emotional view of school. It is our goal to provide an atmosphere conducive to this growth and to the development of a love for learning.

Lower School has an 8:1 student:teacher ratio.

Lower School Highlights

  • Research-based curriculum including a proprietary social skills program developed with UVA for our unique population of students
  • Multi-sensory instruction strategies which includes modifying the learning environment and learning materials, recognizing the importance of routines and managing environmental sensory conditions
  • Custom tailored educational approach based on the unique learning style, strengths and challenges of each student
  • A student centered approach providing a sense of belonging that celebrates their abilities
  • Students are responsible for a daily folder which starts to incorporate independence while allowing families to get a glimpse into the student’s day
  • Along with teachers, each student is assigned a Family/Student Liaison, who serves as an additional level of support and resource for your student and is another point of contact for families regarding internal and external resources.

At Northstar Academy, we acknowledge the individual child and their learning potential, differentiating instruction and scaffolding lessons to ensure that students achieve maximal progress during the school year. We meet students where they are!

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