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Building confidence one year at a time.

The Middle School curriculum and experience begins a more structured academic program. In the Northstar environment students organically become more confident while developing self-advocacy skills and building relationships with friends through the help of faculty guidance and support.

Throughout the middle school years students grow in their personal responsibility and enthusiasm for learning as there is a steady increase in academic and social demands. Social cognition training and development will continue to be integrated into each area of study. 

Middle School has an 8:1 student:teacher ratio

Middle School Highlights

  • Customized curriculum designed to challenge students and foster independence
  • Advisory classes focus on learning and practicing the social skills crucial to healthy relationships during this period of a student’s growth and development
  • School-wide positive behavior reward system.  Students earn weekly and monthly incentives by following the school rules and using our school organization system
  • Focus on critical thinking and strengthening executive function skills
  • Emphasis placed on critical reading, formal writing assignments, organizational and study skills, preparing for tests/assessments as well as high school and life
  • Individualized and/or small group instruction is provided to students who need additional reading, writing and/or math support
  • Career and vocational exploration begins
  • Along with teachers, each student is assigned a Family/Student Liaison, who serves as an additional level of support and resource for your student and is another point of contact for families regarding internal and external resources.

The middle school schedules are customized to meet a student’s individual needs. Students participate in the core subjects of:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Studies 
  • Physical Education/Health
  • Social Skills/Advisory

Northstar further customizes a student’s schedule based on their individual needs. This can include electives such as: 

  • Art
  • Computer Technology
  • Intro to Coding & Robotics
  • Specialized Reading Instruction
  • Specialized Math Instruction
  • Reading Reinforcement
  • Math Reinforcement
  • Writing Reinforcement

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