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Do you want to work with animals?

Students start their veterinary assisting curriculum in our laboratory-style classroom that looks and feels like a real vet’s office. Students learn techniques for handling, caring for and managing animals, their paperwork and their owners.

A path for animal lovers.

Furthering these skills, students grow to execute more difficult animal care routines independently. Students spend their time working with animals in the classroom, as well as in the community. 

Along the way students try, assess, and evaluate what assistive technologies best help them with work-flow management and gain efficiency and independence. Students may also take the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters (NAPPS) certification or earn the Pet Sitters International Certified Professional Pet Sitter designation, to help stand out in the marketplace.

Successful students are ready to enter the workforce when they are effectively problem-solving, working independently and creating/utilizing accommodations independently.