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Northstar now offers Career Services. Alumni of Northstar Career Center are invited to enroll in Career Services to support them as they:

Determine what kind of career opportunities are the perfect fit

Apply and interview for competitive careers

Learn the job and get set up for success

Our Services

Career Discovery

  • Discover your strengths, skills, and goals.
  • Expand on your Career Center experience by trying out new opportunities through situational assessments.

Job Development

  • Use our support and expertise during your job search, application process, and interviews.
  • Use our advocacy and networks to find an ideal career opportunity for you.

Job Coaching

  • Work with our Employment Specialists to successfully navigate on-boarding in a new job.
  • Excel during on-the-job training at your new workplace.
  • Have an expert on your team to help you with challenges as they unfold. Our follow-along services stay with you as you grow in your job.

"I liked being a marketing assistant. I learned that updating the database was less complicated than I expected. My supervisor and my Northstar job coaches taught me how to complete each step. I still made mistakes sometimes but I learned that I should ask for help and use strategies like taking notes. I also used my phone’s alarm to remind me to stop for breaks sometimes."

- A Northstar Career Services Client